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White Villages, Arcos – Medina -Vejer – Conil

Located on a steep rock you find the old town of Arcos. With it´s narrow lanes, it´s whitewashed houses, the Plaza de Cabildo and the splendid view to the River Guadalete Arcos belongs to the nicest white towns.

Apart from the oficial route “Ruta de los pueblos blancos” you´ll find the typical white villages Vejer, Medina-Sidonia and Conil. Medina-Sidonia is a city with typical mediaval traits and a well conserved arabical “Mudejar-Style” center. From Medina-Sidonia we´ve got a great view to the cities nearby. Both, Medina-Sidonia and Vejer, enjoy elevated positions on hill tops. Vejer being lucky enough to be just a  few kilometers from the finest stretches of coast.

Vejer is one of the five nicest towns of Spain. The historical townscape is distinguished by it´s complete conserved city wall with gates and towers. Conil is a former fishing town. Today it´s a holiday resort with beautiful beaches. We also visit a pasturage with fighting bulls and have an andalusian surprise.

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